Card N All Game Room Grand Opening & Customer Memberships!

by Card N All Gaming

We are excited to announce that our game room is now open! This means that we will be hosting tournaments across several different card games, as well as across several different video games. Throughout this week and moving forward, we will have a diverse selection of tournaments for customers to participate in. 

We have been planning out and working on our new game room for the past couple of months, and we hope that our hard work will be apparent. This new game room will include video gaming stations, as well as standalone tables for tabletop gaming. We will also be having livestream setups for video games and tabletop games, so that we will be able to stream tournament matches. 

One significant change to the structure of our play space will be that customers must purchase a day pass either by purchasing an event entry ticket, by purchasing a day pass by itself for $5, or by purchasing a membership

By purchasing a membership, you gain several benefits. Membership benefits include: 

  • 33% more reward points per dollar spent
  • Access to the Card N All Game Room
  • $5 Venue fee waived for every event in store
  • Free controller rentals for video game stations
  • 1x Bring a friend Card N All Game Room day pass per month
  • Access to members only 10% off all products sales on the last weekend of each month
  • Access to members only giveaways
  • Yearly members get access to FREE exclusive Card N All Gaming merchandise (coming soon)

Card N All Gaming Memberships allow customers to save money and receive several premium benefits of our Card N All Game Room. Customers can purchase memberships in store or online. If a membership is purchased via our website you will need to wait for your order to be fulfilled to be able to use your benefits; if a membership is purchased in store, benefits will be immediately available.

Click here for more information about our memberships.

If you would like to read through our updated in-store rules, click here.

We look forward to seeing you in our brand new Card N All Game Room!

Events or room capacity may prohibit the use of play space by customers not playing in the event. Purchasing this membership does not authorize a recurring payment. No refunds under any circumstance; all membership sales are final. If at any time during your membership period you are banned due to a severe and/or repeat Card N All Gaming rules violation, your membership will be terminated and all store credit and rewards points will be forfeited. 

 By purchasing this membership you acknowledge and accept these terms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at!


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