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by Card N All Gaming

We would like to give an update on what we are working towards and give at least a loose timeline of when we will be reopening. When it came to remodeling, one thing just led to another and we went down the rabbit hole... We are redoing a lot. That being said, we are in the home stretch of the work being done and really just waiting on fixtures to come in and some final patching to get done in order to finish up and put things in place.
We have a wall built and are in the process of finishing that to give us a larger back of house & repair area. That effectively is making our retail area of the store 1/5 smaller, but the remaining area is exclusively dedicated to retail outside of our reduced size of play space. We should be able to seat 48 when play resumes (not for a good long time) with expansion capacity of around 60 when holding larger events. It did not make sense in the current environment to have seating for 120 and use all of that maybe once or twice a month. This will give us, with proper planning, a manageable play space that will meet our needs while not having so much of our now 5500 sq ft of retail dedicated to empty tables and chairs most days.
With 5500 sq ft of floor space, we have also added 2000 sq ft of wall retail space by moving things like our glass cases away from the wall. Our store will now feature retail display around the entire perimeter of the store with double high slatwall, meaning you can find what you need all in one place organized by that hobby without it being cramped for space. We created an enclosed area in the back area of the store with our display cases that gives us a fishbowl of card games with sealed product in the middle. This gives customers more access to product without the need to have to wait for an employee to get freed up to get something basic like sleeves and binders. This also frees up employees to help customers during check out and for recommendations rather than standing awkwardly while someone decides what color of Dragonshields they want.
There's a lot we can continue to list, but we will give updates as we get closer to everything being completed. Mason will be sharing more info over the next few days as we expect progress to pick up very quickly. Join our store discord at and be sure to join the CNA Community Group at to keep in touch and join in voice chats with him announced soon.
We'd really like everything to be ready by 4th of July weekend, but we are not going to rush the process. Until then, we continue to be here for you for all the new releases and our ever expanding offering through our website. Please continue to reach out to us and we can't wait to see you all back in our remastered store when it is ready.


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