Rules for Reopening After Remodel

by Card N All Gaming

With our reopening imminent, we would like to make everyone aware of the policies and changes we will have in effect as we keep everyone healthy and well cared for as we allow customers in store. These are of course subject to change and at our discretion.

  1. Masks that cover your mouth and nose are required to enter our store and must remain properly worn. All employees will wear a mask while interacting with customers. If you cannot wear a mask or choose not to, we have the most accommodating set up of any local store that allows you to browse our inventory on our website, place an order for curbside pick up, and call us on arrival for us to run it out to you. We are committed to being able to serve all our customers. If you still don’t feel comfortable entering stores, it’s OK! Curbside will remain and is encouraged for your convenience.
  2. Upon entering, you will be required to sanitize your hands. This ensures that surfaces and products remain clean and germ free. If you sneeze, cough, or touch your mask, we encourage you to circle back and resanitize. Gloves will also be available and employees will wear gloves whenever handling trade ins or customer-brought items.
  3. There will be a 10 customer limit in the store that will be enforced. If we are currently at capacity we will let you know at the door and ask for you to wait outside or in your car until customers leave. We ask customers to also limit groups entering to two per party to limit contacts and allow other customers to enter. We also ask that you limit your visit to 15 minutes (unless you have trade-ins), again, to allow others to enter and not have to wait.
  4. We will not have any play space or tables/chairs for in store play at this time. When we decide to allow in store play it will be announced. We do not want to encourage people congregating at our store until we feel it is safe and responsible to do so.
  5. Our bathroom and back of house area remains under construction and will be closed and off limits to customers. Due to Covid concerns there will be no exceptions.
  6. Do not touch products unless you have intention to purchase. We regularly sanitize high traffic areas but cannot possibly wipe down everything in the store. Be cautious and mindful of others.

We know that these are all rules that we all inherently live by now, but we want to notify our customers through all facets that we are very serious about the health of our employees and customers. We are doing everything we can to ensure we follow guidance, listen to science, and exercise caution in taking our time to maintain a safe environment rather than rush to push against the current restrictions. Thank you for doing your part and for having the patience it will take for us all to get through these odd times together.


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