Palkia Poké Plush - 14 ¾ In.

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    With embroidered facial features, foam arm plates and fingers, and a light pink body, the Spatial Pokémon Palkia has appeared as a cuddly Poké Plush! True to its space-warping reputation, this Palkia Poké Plush sure knows how to brighten up your home. Such a fearsome and powerful Legendary Pokémon will look great on any couch, shelf, or coffee table.

    • Measures about 12 inches tall and 14 ¾ inches long
    • Embroidered details and soft fabric
    • Water- and Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon from Sinnoh
    • Palkia appears on the box art of Pokémon Shining Pearl and Pokémon Pearl
    • Pokémon Center Original

    - $59.99

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