Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - PSP

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    Square Enix is brings this role-playing game to the PSP the fourth installment in their Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series which includes the movie "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children," the game "Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII" for PS2, and "Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII" for mobile devices.

    • Complete the FINAL FANTASY VII experience and reunite with the most recognized RPG characters created by world-renowned character designer Tetsuya Nomura
    • Witness stunning graphics, inspiring visuals, and gorgeous CG cut scenes coupled with top-notch voice acting in a 16:9 widescreen presentation, made possible by the PSP system hardware
    • Innovative D.M.W (Digital Mind Wave) system enhances the action-packed, engaging, real-time battle system, allowing players to unleash special attacks or call upon iconic Final Fantasy summons
    • Take on challenges with the all-new “Hard Mode” developed exclusively for the North American audiences
    • Acquire unique accessories made available through 300 side missions to further enrich the gameplay experience

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