World Cup Golf Professional Edition - Playstation

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    TEE-OFF TO BREATHTAKING REALISM! Two strokes down coming into the back nine and the competition is heating up. But you're a professional, playing under pressure is like polishing your trophies. Welcome to the most advanced and realistic golf game you can play (minus the green fees)... Welcome to World Cup Golf Professional Edition. 3 PLAY MODES PRACTICE: Play your choice of any hole; front or back nine, or the practice course. NORMAL: Play the course solo or in competition with 15 types of golf play including Skins, Texas Scramble and Matchplay. TOURNAMENT: Create your own tournament against other players or computer opponents. Artificial intelligence has the computer controlled opponent(s) react to your every shot. *Detailed full motion video graphics Silicon Graphics workstation. *New and easy-to-use swing interface. *Aerial flybys of each tee shot. *Full control of your stance, swing, power and backspin. *Team competition online, with a choice of 32 two-player teams. *CD quality music and digitized speech of the player, caddie and commentator. *Choice of male or female and left or right-handed players. *Full control over weather and ground conditions.

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