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    “Guitar Hero: Metallica” for the Sony PlayStation 2 is a game that allows you to tap into your musical talent. Activision released the PS2 Guitar Hero special edition in April 2009. It is built around heavy metal heroes Metallica, their music, and music inspired by them. Due to the possibility of explicit language, the game is rated Teen. “Guitar Hero: Metallica” offers you the chance to be part of the metal band's opening act. Anywhere from one to four players can enjoy Guitar Hero at the same time. Players can choose from guitars, the bass, drums, or vocals. The battle mode even lets two players go head-to-head, but only one will be declared the champion. From "Wherever I May Roam" to "For Whom the Bell Tolls," a huge amount of classic Metallica tunes are available to play.When playing “Guitar Hero: Metallica,” you can choose from 49 songs. Over half of the titles on the playlist are Metallica's music. Songs that aren't original Metallica songs were inspired or created by bands in the same genre. Some of the most notable Metallica Guitar Hero hits included in the game are "Master of Puppets," "The Memory Remains," and "Nothing Else Matters." Players will also have the opportunity to unlock special guests, such as Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead and King Diamond. When those avatars are unlocked, players can choose songs from those artists. Members of Metallica are unlocked when players complete levels dedicated to a member's talent. For example, Kirk is unlocked after the guitar level. James is unlocked after vocals. Lars is unlocked after the drum lesson, and Robert's avatar is unlocked after the bass level. Achieving high game scores will let you advance to higher levels. The higher levels you unlock, the more new songs you can choose from. A star meter shows you what level you are on and how close you are to the next one. With every level of advancement, you also get to change venues. All of the venues in the game are real-world rock venues. To win, you must match on-screen prompts. Rhythmically inclined players will excel in the Drum-Over mode. In this mode, you can play your own beats and make over any song. If you think you have what it takes, you can try the Expert+ level with two bass pedals. At this drum-mode level, you'll be challenged by faster pedal beats. The goal is to use the second bass pedal to match the drumming style of Lars Ulrich. Activision created “Guitar Hero: Metallica” with the World Tour version of the game in mind. The publisher knew its fans would want to see the avatars look just like the members of the metal band. Metallic provided motion-picture capture for each of the avatars in the game. Adding to the experience are several extras, including tour and concert video from the band and behind-the-scenes action. If the legendary Bay Area quartet is your favorite, you'll love this band-centric Guitar Hero installment for the PS2. It features all the stars of the rock band and is definitely a challenging title in this series of games. Chose your favorite song, then fight fire with fire and decide whether you want to beat like Lars, rage like Rob, sing like James, or shred like Kirk.

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