Hot Shots Golf World Invitational - Playstation Vita

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    The first golf game for PlayStation Vita continues Sony's lighthearted sports series that began in 1998. Once again players will choose one of several male or female characters and compete on an assortment of courses while earning experience points to customize their golfer's attributes. The swing system still follows a timing-based control scheme, with players influencing both power and accuracy as a line automatically travels up and down an arc-shaped meter.

    New features are designed to take advantage of the system's distinctive hardware. Players can freely look around the course simply by moving the Vita in any direction, while golfers can be repositioned by "pinching" and dragging them with the touch-screen interface. In addition to computer-controlled opponents, players can challenge others in a choice of online options. A turn-based mode involves sending your scores to friends and vice versa, similar to play-by-email games on a computer. A daily tournament option lets you compete offline and then upload your results online, while real-time tournaments support up to 30 players for simultaneous action.

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