NCAA Football 14 - Playstation 3

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    The seventh title in the NCAA Football series for the PlayStation 3 adds real-time physics, skills for coaches, and the Ultimate Team mode found in previous EA Sports titles. In the running game players now have the ability to recover from stumbles and make faster cuts. On defense the new "Force Impact" system will make each big hit more significant while the success of stiff-arm moves will be dependent on a player's size and strength. NCAA Football 14 also adds more than 20 new option types to the playbook, such as the Spread Option and the Zone Read.

    This season Madden's popular Ultimate Team mode makes the transition to the college game and features more than 1,400 former NCAA stars. Users will build their rosters over time by earning coins through playing the game and then using said coins to purchase digital packs of trading cards. Coins can be earned while completing solo challenges versus computer opponents or by taking the game online and competing in Head-to-Head Seasons mode.

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