NBA 2K17 - Playstation 3

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    The biggest name in video game basketball returns for more hardcourt action with updated modes, expanded gameplay, and improved tutorials in NBA 2K17. Gamers can once again customize a young player and guide him from college to NBA superstardom in the story-driven MyCareer mode, improving their attributes as they play, and potentially even making the Olympic team. The single-player MyGM mode and its online multiplayer counterpart MyLeague both return to let gamers manage every aspect of their franchise, and 2K17 adds new expansion options for leagues of up to 36 teams.

    Gameplay tweaks include more realistic offensive styles, stamina management, and defensive AI, with coaches putting proper personnel on the court, help-side defenders racking up blocks, and more deflections on entry passes. Fans of international basketball can take control of all the Euroleague teams and players, while the card-collecting MyTeam mode returns with special new collegiate cards featuring legends from each playable program.

    This Early Tip-Off version offers those who pre-order the game access to the action four days before standard release and includes 5,000 units of in-game virtual currency, and three MyTeam card packs.

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