Pac-Man World
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    Pac-Man is an iconic arcade game, and the character is known around the world. Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary for the Sony PlayStation is a celebration of that influence and history. Published by Namco, this game doesn’t revel in Pac-Man by recreating the original arcade or Atari games. Instead, the developers reimagine them in a 3D platform environment as opposed to the traditional 2D maze.Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary was released in 1999 and is a game that you can play on original Sony PlayStation consoles. This Pac-Man game is a single-player experience from beginning to end that helped define the 3D platformer genre. Although three-dimensional in nature, Pac-Man World doesn’t abandon its roots. You’ll still have to navigate a maze to advance to the next level as you avoid ghosts and eat power pellets along the way.This Pac-Man takes place 20 years after the original game. Our hero has conquered all of the other adventures explored in the previous games of the series. As this story goes, he now returns home to celebrate his birthday with family and friends. Unfortunately, that celebration gets put on hold. Pac-Man’s kith and kin have been kidnapped by the evil Toc-Man and his ghosts. This missing cast of characters includes Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac, Chomp Chomp the dog, and even Pooka.Pac-Man World is a straightforward 3D platform game that has you play through a selection of non-boss levels each world. As a tribute to the original games, each non-boss level is a maze. Each maze level also has a time limit. You can lose a life either by running into enemies unprotected or running out of time. You’ll have to avoid ghosts throughout each maze. However, as with the original game, Pac-Man World has power pellets that make all the ghosts in Pac-Land susceptible to your chomp. There are also other pickups scattered throughout each maze level such as the fruit made famous by earlier titles. Play each board well, and you’ll also have the chance to earn an extra life or two.After conquering a series of mazes, you’ll reach a boss level. Each boss fight features gameplay that’s unique to that environment. You may have to play fast in order to avoid attacks and strike quick when you have the chance. Other boss fights are more methodical and have you solve puzzles rather than overcome quick-twitch challenges. At the final world, you’ll enter Toc-Man’s Lair and battle him to restore your life and save your friends. If you manage to make it this far unscathed, an extra life could come in handy in the final level.In addition to the standard experience, this Pac-Man also offers a maze mode. Maze mode is much more like the original Pac-Man games. Each Pac-Man maze has you collecting Pac-Dots and fruits while avoiding ghosts. One important difference with the older games is that these levels feature some platform obstacles. Once you’ve overcome all platform obstacles across 18 maps, you’ll reach the Galaxian door. Through the Galaxian door, you’ll discover 18 even more difficult challenges. Conquer those to unlock Marathon mode, which has you tackle all 36 levels at once in a definitive Pac-Man experience. Staying true to the Pac-Man franchise of games, this rendition for PlayStation will be sure to stir up nostalgia in gamers.

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