NBA Street
[Greatest Hits - Playstation 2]

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    Ballers, take note: If you haven't proved yourself on these streets, you ain't worth your smack. The magic men at EA Sports have taken roundball to the streets for a 3-on-3 game that takes on all comers. NBA Street is the new style in arcade sports gone big from the game runners that put up SSX and NBA Live. And wouldn't you know it, NBA Street takes the best of both of those two big scores for an all-new rim rocker. From the Live neighborhood comes real b-ball action with the big boy superstars of the NBA and true ball playing skills on the court; from the SSX side of the street is a full-on trick system for all the players to school their competition. Dribbling tricks and sneaky finger work not only make a fool of your guard, but also builds up the Momentum Meter for fired-up unstoppable moves. How's that for "ooooh..."? As for the action on the blacktop, it's hot and furious. Beyond the b-ballers from the league, there are also six legends to challenge on their own home courts, including legendary #23, Michael Jordan. There's also a showcase of graphics and effects done like only the PlayStation 2 can do it, with huge players and in-your-face close-ups of all the slams and jams. And on the mix track is dynamic hip-hop music that changes whether you're playing D or on a fast break. Stakes are high... don't come around this Street unless you're planning on bringing it.

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