Tony Hawk Underground 2 - Playstation 2

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    The Birdman goes back underground for his sixth foray into video games, this direct sequel to 2003's RPG-style on-board adventure. As in the original Tony Hawk's Underground, THUG 2 centers on a player-created character, who must work his or her way up from suburban obscurity to extreme sport stardom. As in the previous game, players create their characters from scratch, assigning skill points and choosing from the widest array of appearance options yet offered in the series. Once created, the player's character is picked by Mr. Hawk himself, to lead a team of skaters against a rival gang in the game's "World Destruction Tour" competition, which plays out in famous cities around the globe.

    The rival team in question is "Team Bam," and it's lead by extreme sports bad boy Bam Margera against the player's own "Team Hawk." Challenges are diverse, with goals that range from claiming turf with graffiti and stickers to more mischievously destructive objectives. Players can now annoy local pedestrians, by pelting them with projectiles, but they'll want to keep an eye out for new talent. There are over 20 different skater characters in the game (often found going about their non-skater business) who may be persuaded to join up and strengthen the player's team. Gamers can switch between teammate characters on the fly, allowing them to use the strengths of different skaters as different situations call for them.

    In addition to the extensive character creation tools it offers, THUG 2 also lets players design their own tricks, skate parks, and even custom graffiti "tags." For old-school Pro Skater fans, THUG 2 also features a "Classic" mode, with a play style more similar to that of earlier entries in the franchise. Here, virtual skaters will race to complete familiar goals such as collecting letters to spell the word "SKATE," finding the secret video tape, and earning top scores in timed runs.

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