Arcade's Greatest Hits Atari Collection 2 - Playstation

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    PAPERBOY offers excitement and challenge as you deliver the morning paper while avoiding zany neighborhood characters and obstacles!
    GAUNTLET lets you and up to 3 friends combat waves of attacking monsters while competing for food, treasure and magic potions!
    It's futuristic warfare in ROADBLASTERS where YOU battle evil opponents in a high-performance armored race car with unique special weapons!
    In MARBLE MADNESS, you control a marble and race against time and many challenging obstacles to reach the goal line at the bottom of the playfield!
    The bugs are back! Play MILLIPEDE and you'll experience endless waves of creepy creatures that hound you relentlessly as you shoot them to pieces!
    Avoid monsters and collect your fortune in ruby gemstones! In CRYSTAL CASTLES the action takes place within a 3D super maze structure that offers 16 different playfields!

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