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    Fans of the PSP's happiest little blobs of endangered goo find relief for their itchy trigger fingers in LocoRoco 2. The sequel stays true to the tilt-and-go gameplay of the original, through more than two dozen 2D scrolling stages. The little LocoRoco behave something like droplets of oil in water between two panes of glass. Players guide them through 2D platform challenges by pressing the right and left trigger buttons to tilt the entire level, clockwise or counterclockwise, and using gravity to shepherd the blobs where they need to go.

    As in the first game, the evil, aurally oppressive Moja tribe threatens the peaceful LocoRoco, who must be guided to safety by the player. The little blobs sing happily, almost the whole while. Musical note icons, collected along the way, can be used to give the LocoRoco helpful powers and abilities. A new, purple LocoRoco joins the gang from the original game, and all seven of the colorful, amorphous main characters now have names and personality traits. LocoRoco 2 also features six new mini-games, in which the LocoRoco take on new forms to perform new tasks.

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