Rotom Poké Plush - 23 In.

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    Even though Rotom are made of plasma, this Poké Plush version is made of, well, plush—and lots of it! Not only that, it features a large size so you can display it anywhere in your home to grab the attention of your guests. And don't worry, because this Rotom won't try to inhabit any of your electronics, and it'll look great on a shelf, coffee table, or couch. With a goofy grin like that, who could resist Rotom?

    • Measures about 8 ½ inches tall and 23 inches wide
    • Posable "arms" let you create a custom display
    • A popular Electric- and Ghost-type Pokémon from Sinnoh
    • Makes an eye-catching decoration in any room or office
    • Pokémon Center Original

    - $34.99

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