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    EA's take on Wii Sports features ten recreational sports and schoolyard activities played with child characters. Available on both Wii and DS, each version features a distinct lineup of games. Wii owners can choose from the following titles: Dodgeball, Paper Racers, Kicks, Dart Shootout, Wall Ball, Slot Car Racing, Tetherball, Free Throws, Bug Hunt, and Dribbling. Dodgeball moves from gymnasiums to the small screen, where characters fling a rubber ball to knock out members of rival teams. Paper Racers has characters tossing a paper plane and then guiding it through the air to catch power-ups, time extensions, and other surprises.

    Kicks combines elements of soccer and volleyball, with characters using their feet instead of their hands to launch balls over a net and into a goal. Dart Shootout has characters shooting plunger darts at targets from a first-person perspective, with the added challenge of having to block incoming darts fired by rival children. Slot Car Racing has players guiding a toy car and quickly switching lanes to hit ramps, grab power-ups, and more. Wall Ball is racquetball played with hands instead of racquets, while Tetherball follows the real game's challenge of whacking a tethered ball past a rival so it wraps around a pole.

    Bug Hunt is a race to scoop up bugs with a butterfly net, while both Dribbling and Free Throws have players using the Wii Remote to bounce or shoot basketballs, respectively. EA Playground offers four themed areas to navigate, with solo players challenging boss characters, earning experience points, and winning "marbles." Marbles allow users to purchase stickers that serve as power-ups in the multiplayer mode, where up to four friends can compete against each other in any of the available games. To simplify the action for casual players, all activities are controlled solely with the Wii Remote.

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