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    Developer Oxygen Games fancies King of Clubs: Mini-Golf as something of a puzzle game disguised as 96 holes of miniature golf. Set in a dilapidated theme park in the deserts of Southern Nevada, players must putt their way through five courses filled with such obstacles as gates, bumpers, trapdoors, water hazards, pools of lava, and boiling oil. Each themed world features a quirky boss who must be defeated in order to move on to the next set of holes, eventually culminating with a match against Big Bubba King, an Elvis-impersonating truck driver who owns and operates the local truck stop. Gamers can also earn extra money by hitting their ball through the bags of cash strewn about each course, and those bonus funds can be used to purchase specialized balls and clubs. Though the plural title "ing of Clubs" may seem like a misnomer in a putter-heavy miniature golf game, it rings true when players can eventually unlock special wedges to help avoid previously impassable obstructions. The light-hearted multiplayer mode lets gamers use gag balls, gag clubs, and audio distractions while their opponents are putting.

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