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    The Monster 4X4 World Circuit is a multiplayer video game developed for Wii. Go vroom as you compete with some of the very powerful trucks in off-road competitions in this racing video game. Whether it is in the Egyptian desert, the Russian snowy mountains or the forests of California, you give your opponent a tough fight in this Wii video game. The prize of this pulse-pounding race in the Monster 4X4 World Circuit is a chance to customize your truck and to create your own Monster machine. Perform some awesome stunts, jump as well as race with your powerful trucks with the Wii remote accompanying this racing video game. With 40 tracks to fire off on, this Wii video game allows you to flaunt your racing skills. The Quick Race mode offers you exciting thrills, twists and rolls that are an inherent part of racing. Alternatively, you can give your opponents a taste of defeat with the Monster League Championship or Single Race mode.

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