Samba De Amigo - Wii

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    One of the Sega Dreamcast's most unique and critically acclaimed games gets resuscitated on the Wii in Samba de Amigo. Players take on the role of a sombrero-wearing monkey named Amigo as he shakes maracas, here embodied by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, to the rhythm of various pop songs and Latin-flavored tracks from the original game. Gamers can get into the rhythm in Single-Player, Career, and Multiplayer modes, with Single-Player mode offering one-song challenges and the Career mode asking players to complete a series of songs in order to unlock 48 different items. The Multiplayer mode breaks down into five smaller modes, with one of those modes further expanding into seven mini-games that include piñata smashing, dancing, and playing volleyball. Gamers can also play in a training mode, view record scores, and use Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection to download content.

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