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    Giant monster trucks crash through some of the world's largest cities in the fast-paced Nintendo Wii video game known as Monster Jam: Urban Assault. Fun for all ages, players gain points by crashing, smashing, and thrashing obstacles in the way. Gamers can pick from well-known monster trucks such as Grave Digger, King Krunch, and Maximum Destruction. You'll roll through nine different stadiums and take part in a variety of modes. Players can drive a truck alone or alongside a second player with the multiplayer option. When the Wii game is over, drivers can destroy their vehicle to end the game with a bang. The original release date for this game was October 28, 2008. In the Race game mode, you'll race around a closed circuit against multiple trucks. Whoever is in the lead at the end of the third lap is the winner of the race. Each track also includes a number of shortcuts you can use to get ahead of your opponents. Watch out, though, as your opponents can use these shortcuts against you. Pulling off tricks during a race awards you with a boost, which you can use for a quick hit of speed. The course arrows lining each track will lead you in the right direction. The Eliminator game mode adds a wrinkle to the racing formula. In this mode, the monster truck in last place after a lap ends will explode. On the final lap, it will become a race to the death against a monster opponent. The Head to Head mode offers another interesting twist to the Monster Jam: Urban Assault formula. In this mode, two players race backward while two race forward. Whoever finishes three laps first is the winner. True to its name, Monster Jam: Urban Assault for Wii leaves the confined arenas for open cities in the Devastator event. This mode has one singular goal, which is causing as much destruction as possible. Anything in your path is another potential source of points, so get out there and destroy as much as you can. The Trick event mode also uses the open-world levels, tasking players with performing as many tricks as possible. Pull off enough tricks, and you'll go home with the gold medal. The last few gameplay modes are minigames, all of which put your monster truck in a number of unique situations. For example, in one mode, you'll play Skee-Ball but with your truck as the ball. In another, your truck is a bowling ball, and you need to knock down all the pins. Monster Jam takes full advantage of the Wii system's hardware. All of the vehicles look just like their larger, real-life counterparts. Every decal and color are 100% accurate to the actual trucks. The levels themselves feature a large draw distance, letting you see far ahead of you. A safe way for kids to tear up stuff, Monster Jam: Urban Assault for Wii is an exciting game for adults as well. In fact, it holds an E rating, meaning this Activision Wii title is safe for gamers of all ages to play.

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