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    Trivial Pursuit plays with easy Wii controls. The 2009 video game edition of the 1980s' board game sensation features new categories and new questions, with the same basic wedge-winning, ask-and-answer style of play that's defined Trivial Pursuit through the years. Players roll dice to move around a wagon-wheel shaped board, landing on differently colored tiles that represent different question categories. If a player can correctly answer a randomly drawn trivia question from the landing color's category, he can move again. Correctly answering questions on special tiles earns players a wedge-shaped tokens; one of each color is available. When a player has collected one wedge of each of the six category colors, moving to the hub of the wheel and answering a final question will win the game. The questions in Electronic Art's console game edition may be as tough as ever, but multiple-choice answers give guessers a better chance to get lucky from time to time. Other console game features engage players even when it's not their turn, such as the chance to earn extra points by guessing whether an opponent will answer a question correctly. Points can be used to gain wedges, leading to new strategies and head-to-head mini-game trivia battles between players. Profile functions track players' records and other information, such as their best and worst categories.

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