Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors - Wii

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    The second Wii game based on the martial arts film, Legendary Warriors is more about martial arts combat than its platforming predecessor. Played mostly from an isometric perspective, the game involves a barrage of battles against outnumbering opponents. Mercifully, a second player can jump into the beat-'em-up action at any time, keeping the fight alive or helping to take down a big boss. Players perform their kung fu fighting using a customizable system of Wii Remote motions and gestures. All the film's familiar fighting styles are represented, with Po, Monkey, Tigress, and Shifu available for play. Po progresses through the adventure, alone or with a friend, by defeating enemies through 3D areas and fighting arenas on a quest to take down the oppressive Tai Lung. When the Valley of Peace is safe from the villain -- or just as a break from the adventure -- up to four can join in various multiplayer battles. Additional characters can be unlocked for use in multiplayer modes, by completing the story mode and by making a wireless connection between the Wii and DS versions of the game.

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