Cars Race-O-Rama - Wii

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    THQ's third game inspired by Pixar's hit computer animated film, Cars Race-O-Rama introduces 15 playable characters to go along with the existing cast from previous titles. You'll compete in a total of eight racing locales, from Radiator Springs Speedway and Santa Carburera to Motoropolis City and Autovia. The main storyline follows Lightning McQueen's effort to prepare his students for the Race-O-Rama competition. Rival Chick Hicks is doing the same, and he will stop at nothing to ensure his academy wins the prize -- including telling his students to cheat. A new drifting mechanic lets you power slide more easily around the courses, while performing stunts during races will rev up the paparazzi and crowd. Challenge a friend in a choice of missions, lap races, and other activities. Test your skills in all-new mini-games, including the "Mack Track Challenge," "Tractor Stampede," "Photo Op," "Auto Cross," and more.

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