Hasbro Family Game Night 3 - Wii

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    Gamers of all ages look forward to spending an evening on their preferred gaming consoles with their favorite accessories. Instead of spending the evening alone, though, grab your console and accessories, and make it a family affair. Gather your family for a night full of fun video games. Bring your favorite board games into the digital world with “Hasbro Family Game Night 3” for the Nintendo Wii. Traditional board games get the Wii treatment with this modern video game update. The days of having to check the box to make sure the game has all of the pieces are a thing of the past. Instead, pop your game into your Nintendo Wii to get the evening started. At the end of a board game, cleanup is the one chore that everyone dreads. This electronic version eliminates the need for conventional cleanup. “Hasbro Family Game Night 3” has an original release date of October 25, 2010. Electronic Arts (EA) produces this timeless video game. As the gameplay begins, players first enter a virtual theme park, which has separate areas for the games. Once inside the theme park, players have the ability to personalize their characters. These custom characters are known as Nintendo Miis. Enjoy many of your favorite games, such as “The Game of Life,” “Mouse Trap,” “Twister,” and “Yahtzee.” Playing “Twister” on your Nintendo Wii lets family members get virtually tangled, creating an evening of hilarious memories. If you are tired of playing games the conventional way, opt for the remixed versions of your old favorites. These remixed games are sure to put a fabulous spin on your old standbys. You can even bring a classic toy to your TV screen; play the Mr. Potatohead game to customize your own potato, and have a competition to see who can create the most creative potato. Mr. Potatohead also serves as your own personal guide throughout the theme park. Up to four people may play “Hasbro Family Game Night 3” at one time. When you have a variety of ages, finding games that everyone enjoys is difficult. Fortunately, “Hasbro Family Game Night 3” is a game that everyone can play. With a rating of “E” for everyone, this game is suitable for players of all ages. You can even use your favorite Wii accessories with “Hasbro Family Game Night 3.” Although these accessories are not required for game play, they do put a fun spin on the game. Kids love to use accessories to make the game seem even more realistic. Some accessories that you may find useful for the game include controller straps, game grips, and remote savers. Gaming consoles do not have to segregate families. Instead, use these consoles to bring your family together with this family-friendly video game. The bright graphics, ease of use, and terrific selection of games makes the Nintendo Wii a popular console for everyone in the family. If you have the Wii U, the newer version of the Nintendo Wii, you can still play this game. A benefit of the Nintendo Wii U is that it plays all of the games from the original Nintendo Wii.

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