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    The 2010-released edition of the popular game show title features more than 2,400 original answers and questions, "commercial break" mini-games, and a virtual big-headed version of longtime host Alex Trebek. One, two, or three human contestants can compete, and the game compiles each player's statistics over time. The Wii Remote is used to ring in, and the game supports the Wii Speak microphone accessory to allow players to give their responses aloud instead of punching them into a keyboard. In Jeopardy, well-phrased trivia clue "answers" are selected from a game board and read by the host. The first player to "ring in" has the opportunity to give a response, which must be in the form of a question. Each clue on the board has a dollar amount. With a correct response, that amount is added that amount to the player's total, but an incorrect response results in the money being deducted from the player's bank. As on television, the straightforward answer-and-question play is broken into three rounds: "Jeopardy," with five trivia answers in each of six categories, "Double Jeopardy," in which the dollar values for the 30 clues are doubled, and "Final Jeopardy," with a single, often more difficult answer, for which players must come up with a correct question before the famous theme music runs out. In the first two rounds, players may run across "Daily Double" clues, which allow them to respond alone, with no ring-in competition from the other contestants, and set their own wager amounts.

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