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    The 2010-released edition of the popular game show title features more than 8,000 phrase-based puzzles, original "commercial break" mini-games, and virtual, big-headed versions of hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Wheel of Fortune is a word game in which players take turns guessing letters to gradually reveal the hidden phrase in a puzzle. The amount of money awarded for solving the puzzle depends on the values of the letters the player correctly guesses, determined by spinning a large, colorful wheel. The contestant with the most money after several rounds of play wins the game, and earns the opportunity to try for additional prizes in a bonus round. A flick of the Wii Remote spins the onscreen wheel, and the game supports the Wii Speak microphone accessory to allow players to guess letters and solve puzzles aloud. As many as three home players can compete in a standard match, with the computer controlling the additional contestants in single-player and two-player games.

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