SpongeBob SquigglePants uDraw - Wii

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    SpongeBob SquarePants floats his way onto the uDraw GameTablet, allowing players to draw, paint, and color their very own scenes from Nickelodeon's hit animated series. The main game is designed in the spirit of Nintendo's WarioWare titles, testing a player's ability to adapt to fast-paced mini-games -- called nanogames -- designed to be completed in mere seconds. The GameTablet is used to tap, trace, sketch, shake, flip, tilt, and even flick onscreen objects or characters as players race to complete more than 100 activities. Live action character Patchy the Pirate serves as a guide to the underwater festivities and will periodically appear throughout the game to interact with players. As with other titles in the uDraw series, players are free to draw their own pictures in a standalone mode that features SpongeBob-related stamps and the ability to export artwork to an SD card.

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