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    Nintendo Wii players are invited to return for another adventure at PokéPark in "PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond." This sequel to "PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure" features a wide cast of Pokémon, including members of every generation up to V. It is another entry in the stream of award-winning Pokémon games to defy their traditional mold. With a 2011 release date in Japan and breaking out in Europe and North America in 2012, this game became a Nintendo classic. Like the "Mystery Dungeon" series, this game takes place in a world without humans. Pokémon live their own separate lives without Ash and the gang. As with all games in this franchise, it's based on the original Pokémon Trading Card Game.Upon beginning the game, players are introduced to a normal day in the Pokémon world where the electric mouse, Pikachu, is on his way to the opening of a brand-new amusement park. As always, things aren't what they seem, and they quickly realize that once you enter Wish Park, you can't leave. This simple premise spins into a complex story and a deep storyline that, at its peak, endangers all of existence.Follow along with Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott as players venture through each PokéPark zone in search of their missing companions. Each rescued Pokémon friend joins your team to continue facing the rest of the game's challenges. You can befriend other monsters along the way, like Reshiram, who protects PokéPark, and Zekrom, who watches over Wish Park.Despite being a fun family journey for the Wii that mostly focuses on the amusement park, Pokémon battles are still a part of the fun. Each of the four main characters has a specific set of moves that make them unique in battle and give them their own unique advantages. Whether you're flooding your foes with Oshawott or creating a static bolt with Pikachu, the battle system is skill based. Once you've got the knack for it, you'll be on your way to Pokémon mastery in no time. You can bring in a second rescued Pokémon for support in times of trouble, proving that even beginners can make it double.Thrilling activities, motion-controlled skill challenges, and battles with the bosses make this rated E-10+ game the perfect option for family fun. In fact, the game is even considered ideal for children and can supply hours of fun for Pokémon trainers of any age. This is the first game in the PokéPark series to feature multiplayer play, with the multi-protagonist format allowing up to four players the option to play as any of the lovable main characters.The crystal-clear graphics in this attraction-filled experience capture players for hours of mesmerizing gameplay on the Wii. All of the Pokémon and settings are rendered beautifully and give the world an enticing look. Explore the theme park attractions in single player or multiplayer mode, inviting friends and family to join in on the fun. Prove you have rhythm and shame your enemies with Dance Inferno, or dodge bombs while displaying your strength with Power Bash.This amazing Pokémon adventure is available for the Nintendo Wii console.

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