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    Experience the carnage of off-road racing with Excite Truck. This title is the first of the Excitebike series to feature vehicles other than motorcycles. The game employs the Wii remote; players can tilt this left or right for directional control while controlling vehicle acceleration with a button. Play begins with training levels before allowing access to the full game. Single-player and multiplayer modes can be used with a split-screen feature available during races. Collect stars on the track by executing incredible stunts and crossing the finish line. The game has seven different racing environments on different continents, and it has several gameplay modes for a variety of thrills.Monster Games added some unique digital content to “Excite Truck” before its release. Excite Truck is controlled entirely with the standard remote, so you won't even need to connect the Wii nunchuk to race. This means you can have fun by plugging in your Wii steering wheel without having any wires get in the way. Imagine yourself actually driving these behemoth trucks down wicked dirt tracks. That's how you'll feel when you have the Nintendo Wii wheel in your hands.Excite Truck already has an awesome soundtrack, but it allows you to expand it whenever you want to. Plug an SD card loaded with MP3s into your Nintendo Wii console and Excite Truck will actually play those files during races. Other features are unlockable depending on your player rating. Crossing the finish line isn't the biggest goal in Excite Truck. You'll want to collect as many stars as possible, and you're encouraged to try courses over and over again to collect even more stars. You'll be driving like a seasoned racer in no time, but know that the game will get more challenging as your skills get sharper.If you tilt your truck to one side and do a jump, you might get stars regardless of what position you're in. Once you get the best ranks on all tracks, the in-game guides will vanish. You'll then be able to play on the special Wii Super Excite difficulty level. If you repeat your feat on this level, you can unlock a special Turbo Mirror Mode difficulty level. All these extra features are sure to keep you racing well after you beat the first series of games. Replay value continues to soar when you bring over a friend to enjoy the special head-to-head mode.With so many different modes, this disc contains several different games in one title. On top of the regular and unlockable modes, there is a series of different bonus courses. These courses will get your blood pumping as you drive through gates and rings. There is also a whole series of games where you have to crush smaller vehicles, and it even has a multiplayer feature.

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