Buylist Instructions & Policies

Card N All Gaming is happy to offer buylists for the major card games for your convenience with payout in cash or in store credit. This allows our customers a chance to get an estimate of what they can expect for their trade-ins beforehand and even allows us to purchase cards remotely by you mailing your cards into us!

NOTE: Due to the current dramatically shifting prices for older Pokemon cards, we are currently not accepting Pokemon singles dated before 2011 through our buylist system. Our buylist uses an algorithm to establish pricing, and since this is largely done automatically, the current wild price fluctuations are causing our offers to not be accurate. Please bring these items in store for them to be properly valued.

There are a few policies and conditions to know before using our buylist:
  • The amount listed for your card based on condition is for your information only and should not be considered a guaranteed offer to buy.
  • Prices are subject to change based on market conditions and how many of that card we have on hand.
  • We reserve the right to refuse cards for any reason.
  • Cards submitted must be entered in with the proper edition and condition estimate. Know that condition can be subjective and if condition is corrected on our end that it will change the trade in offer. You can reference how we condition cards by following this link: [link].
  • In the event you have accidentally/unknowingly sent us a counterfeit card(s), we will notify you and destroy the card in accordance to US and Kentucky Laws prohibiting the sale of counterfeit goods.

How to Use Our Buylist

Step 1: To begin selling singles you must create or be logged in to your Card N All Gaming account.

Step 2: At the top right of the web page click the "Buylist" tab,

Step 3: Select which game you are selling cards from. You can sell us cards from multiple card games in the same buylist.

Step 4: Use the drop down underneath the Buylist Summary to change between cash or store credit. You can change this at any time but once you submit your buylist this option cannot be changed. If you want store credit on some cards and cash on others, please submit separate buylists.

Step 5: Use the search bar to find the cards you wish to sell and add quantities to your cart using the + sign. Make sure you select the proper edition, foiling, card condition, and number of cards.

Step 6:  Please sort the cards in the EXACT ORDER shown in your cart. Please note that there may be a delay in processing your order if it arrives out of order and a fee of up to 10% of your total may be applied for the labor involved to sort and process your buylist if this is not done correctly.

Step 7:  Once you finish adding & sorting your cards on the buylist, click “Submit List”

Step 8: Bring your cards and drop them off in person to our store or carefully package and ship the cards to our store address:

Card N All Gaming
5534 New Cut Rd
Louisville, KY 40214


  • You are responsible for the cost of shipping. If you reject our offer or changes on condition/number of cards, you must also pay shipping on the returned cards.
  • Please write your buy order number on the outside of the package. Do not wrap your cards with rubber bands as it may damage them in transit. We highly recommend packaging your cards in boxes designed to hold trading cards with padding to prevent them from movement or damage during shipping/transit.
  • We strongly recommend that you purchase tracking and insurance for your package. Occasionally packages are lost or damaged in transit and we are not responsible for mistakes made by mail carriers.

Step 9: Wait for us to access your cards. This may take one to five days depending on backlog or ability.

Step 10: Get paid. Payouts of cash can be paid via Paypal or through cash on pickup at our store. Store credit will be deposited directly to your account upon completion of card assessment.


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