Aegis Gundam Master Grade

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    Mg gat project's last mobile suit Aegis Gundam joins the MG series! The transformable x300 frame is recreated, so you can transform the suit into either ms or MA mode. The rifle and shield are also included, so you'll have plenty of posing options even if you choose to keep it in standard ms mode! Comes with 15 runners, foil sticker, dry decal, marking sticker, and instruction manual.

    From the Manufacturer

    A mecha from Gundam Seed that can transform from robot mode to a high speed mobile armor weapons platform with a large internal beam cannon, this MG features new styling in celebration of the 10th anniversary release of the TV series Gundam Seed. Transformation has been faithfully recreated to ensure smooth transition without the need for part swapping. Includes high energy beam rifle, swappable hand parts, shield x1 and translucent arm and leg blades. Runner x15, foil sticker x1, dry decal x1, marking sticker x1, instruction manual x1.

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