Card N All Middletown April League Challenge

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    We are happy to be once again hosting sanctioned competitive Pokemon events!

    What: April League Challenge

    When: April 30th at 4pm

    Where: Card N All Gaming Middletown

    12911 Shelbyville Rd Suite 103

    Louisville, Ky 40243

    Cost: $12, $10 goes to prize pool for Top 4 payout in store credit

    Format: Standard best of 1, 30 min rounds of swiss. No top cut.

    Additional info:

    This event will run just as it would for normal weekly tournaments, but points are awarded per Pokemon's distribution methods. Top 4 will split the payout 50%/30%/10%/10%. Pokemon Play Promo Packs will be given to players, but no other prizing outside of Top 4 (sorry!). Players MUST have a Player ID (we can help you set it up so long as you come early). 

    - $12.00

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