Codex Supplement: Space Wolves

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    Get everything you need to harness the mighty Sons of Dorn. This bundle includes a copy of Codex Supplement: Imperial Fists, a set of Imperial Fists Datacards to help keep track of all the new rules, and Captain Tor Garadon of the Imperial Fists 3rd Company.

    This bundle includes:
    - Codex Supplement: Imperial Fists – a 64-page hardback book covering in-depth background, unique rules for Characters, Stratagems, Traits, and Relics unique to the Imperial Fists and their legendary successor Chapter, the Crimson Fists.
    - Datacards: Imperial Fists – 63 cards, including 36 Tactical Objectives, 20 Stratagems and 7 psychic powers exclusive to the Imperial Fists
    - Tor Garadon – a multipart plastic miniature supplied with a Citadel 40mm round base

    You'll need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rules and Codex: Space Marines to use the contents of these bundled products.

    - $27.00

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