Core Set 2021 Collector Booster Box

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    Collector Boosters are jam-packed with special goodies. Since this article is about going in-depth, let's get real granular. I even have an image. I don't know how to make these images, but it turns out if you just type "make this an image" the person who converts documents into web pages will get an image made for you.

    Collector Booster Contents (Make this an image. Thank you.)

    Collector Booster Contents

    Each Collector Booster comes with 4–5 rares or mythic rares, 7–9 special-treatment cards, and 11 foils! These packs are perfect for players looking for the most exciting pulls possible.

    You can read more about Collector Boosters and where to find alternate versions of cards from Mike Turian here.


    Teferi doesn't trust bookmarks—he always creases the corner of the page to save his spot.


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