First 4 Figures Kirby and the Goal Door Statue

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    First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest PVC statue collectible, Kirby and the Goal Door. This is the first statue to release in the all-new Kirby PVC lineup. At the end of each stage is a Goal Door that Kirby and his pals enter to play a Goal Game before proceeding to a new level. Kirby does a quick twirl and strikes a very cute pose just before they enter the Goal Door. That entire scene with Kirby by the Goal Door and striking a pose is where this statue's concept is inspired from. The base replicates the environment of the very iconic Dream Land Stage, which has a checkered-pattern pathway and a grassy and flowery terrain. Kirby - Kirby and the Goal Door (Standard Edition) comes with the following: * Kirby - Kirby and the Goal Door PVC painted statue * Highly detailed base inspired by the Kirby art style * Collector's Box * F4F leaflet with 500 F4F reward points included

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