Flesh and Blood Realm Games 2023 Qualifier & $1,000 CASH Tournament @ Card N All Gaming New Cut

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    Card N All Gaming is proudly partnering with The Realm Games in Ohio to host multiple qualifier events for their $20k invitational tournament in Q4 this year!

    When: April 8th

    Registration @ 11:00AM-11:55AM EST - Round 1 Pairings will be posted at 12:00PM EST

    Where: 5534 New Cut Rd - Card N All Gaming

    Entry: $40


    This event will be Classic Constructed format from start to finish! Players will then compete through five to seven 55 minute swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8. Top 8 will be untimed, single elimination.


    1st Place - $400 + Realm $20k Invite + Custom Blackwing Studios Token

    2nd Place - $200 + 10 Realm Qualifying Points + Custom Blackwing Studios Token

    3rd - 4th Place - $100 + 5 Realm  Qualifying Points (Ea) + Custom Blackwing Studios Token

    5th - 8th Place - $50 + 1 Realm Qualifying Point + Custom Blackwing Studios Token

    9th-16th-32nd-64th Place - Booster Pack Prizing + 1 Realm Qualifying Point. Breakdown dependent on player turnout.

    Our last $1k was a banger so we hope this one will be as well!

    - $40.00

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