Left Alive - Playstation 4

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    Left Alive is an exhilarating video game designed exclusively for the Playstation 4 platform. Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative-driven experience set in a war-torn world filled with intense combat and strategic decision-making.In Left Alive, you will navigate through a devastated cityscape, utilizing stealth, tactics, and resourcefulness to survive against overwhelming odds. As a skilled pilot, a talented sniper, or a cunning engineer, you must adapt to the ever-changing battlefield and outsmart your enemies.

    Key Features:
    1. Intense Survival Action: Engage in heart-pounding gunfights and close-quarters combat as you fight for your life in a hostile environment.
    2. Tactical Decision-Making: Every choice you make will have consequences, shaping the outcome of the story and the fate of the characters.
    3. Multiple Playable Characters: Experience the game from different perspectives, each with their own unique abilities and storylines.
    4. Crafting and Resource Management: Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and utilize the environment to your advantage in order to survive.

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