Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set

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    If you’re looking to start a Lumineth Realm-lords force, the Army Set is the best way to do it, giving you the rules, lore, models and accessories you need to get stuck in. Chances are, if you want it, it’s in the box.

    Discover the world, lore and rules for your army with Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords. This special edition will be found only in this set, featuring a soft-touch cover, ribbon marker and gilt page edges. 

    – 1x The Light of Eltharion – a heroic commander for your forces featuring a Warhammer first – hollow, animated armour!

    – 10x Vanari Auralan Wardens – a fully customisable set of aelven infantry armed with massive pikes that make for perfect objective holders and defensive troops in your force.

    – 5x Vanari Dawnriders – a fully customisable set of aelven horsemen capable of carving through enemy infantry with contemptuous ease.

    Both the Vanari Dawnriders and Auralan Wardens feature alternative build options including heads, shields and unit champions, allowing you to make the models your own.

    This set also contains a suite of exclusive accessories for your army, including:

    • An acrylic combat gauge, perfect for small measurements and featuring artwork of Teclis
    • 20 yellow gem-effect dice featuring the runic mandala of the Lumineth on the 6s
    • A token board with a 9” range ruler, 23 aetherquartz tokens and nine generic tokens that are ideal for tracking command points or objectives
    • A pack of 36 reference cards that include spell lores, artefacts of power and command traits, ideal for keeping track of your heroes’ abilities

    - $157.25

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