Magic: The Brothers' War Prerelease Weekend Registration

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    When: Friday November 11th @ 6:00PM - New Cut
    Saturday November 12th @ 3:00PM - Middletown
    Saturday November 12th @ 6:00PM - New Cut
    Entry: $30
    Structure: Each player will receive a prerelease kit of their choice, they will then have a limited period of time to open their packs and construct a 40 card deck to then compete through 3 rounds of swiss pairings to determine the winners of the event.
    Prizing: Player attendance will determine the additional prizing that is added to the event, but ideally each player will earn an additional draft booster for each win that they obtain. Players who go undefeated will win a collectors booster pack of The Brothers' War.
    Additionally, ALL Brothers' War sealed product will be available for sale during the entire prerelease weekend, so be sure to bring extra cash to secure your booster boxes early!

    New Cut Nov 11th - 6PM - $30.00
    New Cut Nov 12th - 6PM - $30.00
    New Cut Nov 12th - 3PM - $30.00

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