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    My Little Pony: Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniature – Apple Jack

    WizKids has teamed up with Hasbro to release a line of My Little Pony unpainted miniatures that you can paint at home. My Little Pony Themed Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures lets fans get creative with their favourite ponies and decorate them any way they want.


    • Each miniature comes pre-primed and ready to paint right out of the box.
    • Included decals and stickers of Cutie Marks help to complete each pony's signatu­re look
    • Now fans can come up with a look for their favorite pony that`s at least 20% cooler.

    Note: Miniatures require assembly and are supplied unpainted.
    Paints, glue & tools sold separately

    - $4.99

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