Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD

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    You are the Stranger, a fearsome bounty hunter on a mission to capture various Outlaws terrorizing the wastelands of Western Mudos. Giving new meaning to the idea of “live” ammunition, lock and load a variety of vicious critters to bring in your targets – dead or alive. Your thirst for moolah is not one driven by greed, but necessity, and is needed to fund a very costly life-changing operation. With his health on the line, the Stranger reluctantly accepts the ultimate bounty, which may prove to be as dangerous as the condition he seeks to treat.


    • Hybrid fusion of first and third-person gameplay
    • Innovative mix of shooter, platformer and puzzle genres
    • A timeless classic reimagined for the Nintendo Switch
    • “Live” ammunition lets you take bounties dead or alive with rewards for each approach.
    • Unlockables, easter eggs, and an endearing cast of characters rewards player exploration

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