Pathfinder 2nd Ed Advanced Player's Guide Character Sheet Pack

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    Advance your character with the Advanced Player’s Guide Character Sheet Pack! Track your hero’s statistics and accomplishments with these full-color character sheets designed to include exactly what your character needs! This product comes in a sturdy folder to store character sheets, with reference information such as game actions, a summary of crucial conditions, and death and dying rules. Inside are 16 sheets for characters and campaign tracking. These include specialized character sheets for each of the four classes from the Advanced Player's Guide, with class features and special actions already filled in! Plus you’ll find sheets for the evil champions and for oracle spells and curses from that book. Furthermore, there are three standard blank sheets suitable for characters of any class, an alternate sheet with a simplified design, and expanded sheets to track character inventory, campaign notes, adventure logs, NPCs, spells, animal companions, and alchemy books.

    - Individually designed character sheets offer greater ease of use than one-size-fits-all free versions.
    - Includes a vastly simplified version of the standard character sheet — by popular demand!
    - Spell and equipment sheets put the information you need at your fingertips!
    - There are typically 4–6 players for every Pathfinder game — all characters need character sheets!

    - $14.99

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