Pathfinder Second Darkness RPG Ornamented Dice Set

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    • Q WORKSHOP present dice set for the third part of series released by Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Chronicles: Second Darkness. Dice in our new colour scheme - purple & silver - vividly reflect the devious nature of Dark Elves.
    • MADE from the best material, ornamented with carved digits, are top-notch sets for any roleplaying and tabletop game.
    • UNIVERSAL and usable in all roleplaying and tabletop games (like Pathfinder, DnD 5E etc.) . It will work great with every RPG you play.
    • STANDARD SET with seven polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100).
    • OFFICIALLY LICENSED by Paizo Inc. Q WORKSHOP dice are manufactured in Poland, European Union.

    - $12.99

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