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    Do battle with Bowser from across the galaxy in Mario's first out-of-this-world rescue mission to save Princess Peach in Super Mario Galaxy. Reuniting old friends and old foes throughout the galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy is the first Mario adventure released on Nintendo's Wii console. It introduces players to a whole new world of adventure as Mario embarks on a journey to rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach by harnessing star energy and maximizing the power of stardust while you shake and point your remote through a ton of galaxies.Rated E for Everyone on the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy takes the classic Mario story and turns it upside down by introducing new worlds with new laws of gravity that create jumps, spins, and jabs, moving gamers to take full advantage of the interactive Wii remote and its connected Wii Nunchuck. Enjoy not only playing as our classic hero Mario but also as Bee Mario, Boo Mario, and the fireball-infused Fire Mario for access to even more attacks.Use the Star Pointer by pointing your Nintendo Wii remote at the game screen. A cursor will appear to reveal Star Bits, which you can use as weapons against enemies or as food for your star-shaped friends, the Lumas. With 12 bosses to beat within Super Mario Galaxy, they’ll definitely come in handy.Super Mario Galaxy is a major evolution in the Mario game experience. Each Nintendo game level consists of one or more planets with amazing components, like crazy shapes, varying gravity, and elemental dangers. The game level design is always fresh and creative. At one point, you'll be swimming around a tropical paradise, and the next you'll be skating on a world of ice. The game development team crafted each world to have its own unique personality. In addition, the difficulty level is accessible enough for kids and families. Super Mario Galaxy is a Wii action platformer game that also works on the Wii U. It is possible for a second player to join in the game by using a limited 2-player cooperative mode; the second player will help the first by collecting and shooting star bits. The objective of the game is similar to previous 3D Mario games in that you’ll focus on collecting stars by completing challenges. Once you have collected every star and beaten Bowser, you'll get the chance to play through the game as Luigi, which is a more difficult version of the Nintendo Wii game than when controlling Mario throughout the galaxy. With its orchestral soundtrack and beautiful graphics, Super Mario Galaxy is a true gem on the Wii. The sound team used a special technique where the soundtrack automatically synchronizes itself with the in-game sound effects using the Dolby Pro Logic II sound system, and the stunning visuals demonstrate great creativity. The game is both long-lasting and fun to play. Many people spend hours just exploring and having a good time. The gameplay will be familiar to loyal Mario fans: You roam around the galaxy collecting coins and powerups in exotic locations, fighting enemies, and overcoming platforming challenges. Every element of the galaxy is well-executed and enjoyable with just the right balance of difficulty and accessibility. With over 40 galaxy game stages across six regions of play, this action-packed Mario game is full of family-friendly Nintendo Wii adventure.

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