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    In Endless Ocean for the Nintendo Wii, players get to put on a scuba suit and go diving. With a release date in January of 2008, this blue world features ocean life and marine creatures around every turn. You'll love the soothing soundtrack, too, which can put you in a relaxed state of mind. The game puts you in control of a scuba diver. It also gives you an assistant by the name of Katherine Sunday. Sunday will help guide you through this world and talk with you about the creatures you find. The gameplay starts on a diving boat that serves as a hub where players can get advice from Sunday and check the fish logbook to see which fish have been cataloged. Additionally, this is where the player selects photography missions. Once underwater, players can use the Wii Remote to swim, photograph, and interact with hundreds of different creatures, including sharks, whales, dolphins, exotic fish, and penguins. Wildlife logging and photography missions advance the story line and unlock new equipment for future dives. You even have the chance to interact with animals that you can train. The animals will quickly learn tricks and perform for you. The game also asks you to identify some of the animals you spot. Once you properly identify each one, you can move it into your private aquarium. When you're not heading off on another adventure, you can view those animals inside the aquarium. Endless Ocean for the Nintendo Wii lets you do more than simply explore underwater. You can also try your hand at cave diving and dive deep into the sea. This allows you to uncover even more animals in your underwater adventures. In the game, you also get to attempt wreck diving where you explore wrecked ships you encounter. You never know when you might uncover some sunken treasure in your explorations. Trench diving is another mode of play. You can send your scuba diver deep into the trenches to encounter animals not often seen in the real world. At a certain point in the game, Sunday tells you about how she lost her father. He was an explorer who went out on a trip to find a White Mother Whale and never came home. You and Sunday will work together to find four different species of whales. Once you find the last species, Sunday will tell you more about her father. The Endless Ocean soundtrack features songs from Hayley Westenra, Secret Garden, and other musical acts. Arika has created a soundtrack that works seamlessly with the backgrounds and levels to complement the aquatic nature of the game. You can play the game on your own or with others when you hook up other remotes. Kids will enjoy this game because it makes learning fun. They'll have such a great time playing that they'll forget they're also learning in the process. Nintendo games like Endless Ocean are also suitable for adults. Whether you are young in age or just young at heart, Endless Ocean is sure to provide you with hours of fun and entertainment.

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