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    If you’re tired of not having enough time to get in a workout because it’s too difficult to get to the gym or fit it into your schedule, “Wii Active Personal Trainer” by EA Sports for the Nintendo Wii is a great solution for you. This game, released on May 19, 2009, by EA Sports for the Nintendo Wii, is fitness made easy as you work your way through 20-minute circuit workouts that feature familiar exercises. The workouts in the “Wii Active Personal Trainer” game by EA Sports for the Nintendo Wii target your upper body and lower body and include cardio as well. Start off with a light jog followed by bicep curls, and then get your heart beating with some cardio sports boxing. You follow the guidance, motivation, and training tips of your very own virtual personal trainer as you move through the games. This personal exercise program with workouts from Electronic Arts (EA) Sports tracks your progress as you begin the 30-day fitness challenge. It also tailors the workout to fit your level of fitness by combining nutrition and lifestyle guidance with cardio exercised for the upper and lower body. Professional feedback throughout the training games lets you know if you are on track to reach your fitness goals. Progress through the variety of workout circuits by inserting the included nunchuk into the leg strap and then holding the Wii Remote in your hand in order to track your body movements for a convenient way to work out in your own home. This personal trainer from Nintendo comes with a Wii Balance Board and controller resistance band for additional functionality and many other physical benefits. “Wii Active Personal Trainer” for the Nintendo Wii was developed in collaboration with fitness expert Bob Greene, best known as Oprah’s personal trainer. This fun, inexpensive, and easy-to-maintain regimen is designed to encourage physical fitness and healthy living. This software is more focused on physical activities than previous fitness games for the Wii or Wii U, like Wii Fit, but still challenges you to have fun while developing a healthier lifestyle. Circuits are customizable to fit your interest and fitness level. Choose your duration and intensity level then set your own goals for calories burned and workout score. Track your progress and expand your fitness IQ with the in-game journal. “Wii Active Personal Trainer” gives you short, accessible workouts that also features a deep and entertaining two-player cooperative gameplay mode. Designed to tap into the time-tested motivational factor of having a workout buddy beside you as you crunch through reps and up your personal best, regardless of a player’s current fitness levels or future fitness goals, this mode is sure to enhance the level of fun of players at all levels.

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