Tetris Party Deluxe - Wii

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    Tetris Online's festive puzzle game has moved from a digital download to a retail release with Tetris Party Deluxe. Expanding on the modes and features found within the WiiWare's Tetris Party, Tetris Party Deluxe offers more shape-sorting action for up to four players. Six new game types are included, bringing the total number of Tetris variants to 16, from the explosion-making "Bombliss" to the four-player "Vs. Sprint," which has you racing to complete 40 lines. Four previously available modes also offer enhanced elements, such as the ability to create custom "Shadow" puzzles with a built-in edit feature. Multiple control options are supported as well, some of which incorporate the added functionality of the Wii Wheel, Wii Speak, and Wii Balance Board accessories.

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