Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock - Wii

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    Turn into a virtual rockstar playing virtual guitar with "Guitar Hero 5." This Nintendo Wii game is the next generation in the series after "Guitar Hero World Tour" and is all you need to unleash your inner rockstar. Neversoft and Activision came together once again to create a new and updated twist on Guitar Hero for the Nintendo Wii. The developers created this title with the specific vision of building a party-like atmosphere. "Guitar Hero 5" isn't just about the guitar, either. Several other positions are available in your virtual rock band. Bassists, drummers, and lead singers are all invited to join in on the fun. Each player follows the familiar colored notes. Once you have completed a perfect sequence, the notes turn gold. This begins a streak of bonuses that continue until you make an error. The bonus streaks can also be used as a way to save a failing group member who can't seem to keep up. "Guitar Hero 5" provides several opportunities to personalize the gaming action. Create your own combination of singers, drummers, and guitarists to create the sound you want. There are tons of modes of game play, such as single player career mode. With the option to customize your group, you can have a solo career or jam in a four-member band with vocals, lead and bass guitars, and drums. One fun feature for this edition is Party Play. If you love competition, the Rockfest option lets you engage in online battles with up to eight players. If you're more of a team player, you will enjoy the Party Play option that allows you to jump in and out of a jam session. Basically, this mode allows a large group of people to jam together easily by allowing them to switch positions without interrupting.If you want to extend your pool of potential bandmates, take your party online where you can rock out with a total of eight other users. Call out your friends to a musical duel, but watch out for sabotaging roadies. Using a Nintendo DS, those meddling friends can sabotage equipment of the competing musicians on the Wii for a gaming twist. With an incredible 85 songs from 83 artists, you will have enough rock 'n roll to keep you glued to your Wii console for days. From Johnny Cash to Stevie Wonder, almost every classic jam is waiting for you to give it your personal touch. With such a large selection of songs, there is sure to be something for every music lover. For those that want a more hands-on approach to the kind of music they play, there is GHTunes. This online feature offers players the chance to lay down their own tracks and share them with the Guitar Hero online community. Work your way up through the five difficulty levels: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Personalize your character. You even have the ability to use your Wii Mi character as one of your band members. However you choose to play, this game was created to give you endless options to unleash your inner rockstar.

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