Wii Sports
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    The first sports title for Nintendo's Wii showcases the platform's unique controller and its potential for revitalizing conventional genres. Versions of tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing are included in this collection designed for gamers of all backgrounds. In tennis, the Wii Remote is held like a racket, with onscreen athletes responding to the direction and speed at which players swing the input device. Lobs, serves, backhands, and smashes are all performed by moving the controller in lieu of pressing buttons. Both singles and doubles matches on multiple court surfaces are available, with the latter supporting up to four players simultaneously. Baseball and golf follow a similar style, with the Wii Remote functioning as either a bat or a club, while bowling and boxing use the device to simulate throws and punches. Wii Sports is the first game bundled with the launch of a Nintendo console since 1991's Super Mario World on Super NES.

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